Air Conditioning not working?

We repair and service most car air conditioning systems. We have equipment suitable for R134a systems and the newer R1234yf system.
We can diagnose faults in your car air conditioning system using diagnostic equipment and nitrogen pressure testing equipment.

As part of our air conditioning service we carry out an anti-bacterial clean and check the condition of your cars cabin filter. This ensures your air-conditioning system is operating efficiently and free of bacteria.

Car air conditioning systems need recharging with gas & lubricant every two years. The majority of car manufacturers advise that this be done to keep the system working at its optimal best. Your cars air conditioning is used all year round, to cool the cars interior in the summer but also to remove moisture in the winter months as part of the demisting process.

This service is not part of your routine vehicle servicing.
Please contact us to book your car in, a routine service takes about an hour and we can usually do this while you wait.
Neglecting your cars air conditioning can lead to costly repair bills.
All our technicians are certified to work on vehicle air cconditioning systems as required by law.